Questions to a Sworn Translator

Can I receive a sworn translation via e-mail?

Yes, I can send a sworn translation by e-mail. Normally, this is a scan of a translation (1) printed, (2) signed and (3) stamped with the Ministerial seal. However, if the translation have electronic form with (1) qualified signature or (2) electronic signature of a sworn translator – please let me know.

Can I translate a document myself?

Unfortunately, I do not certify tralations of documents done by Clients. Sworn translations require the ability to describe the document, seals, and signatures. Therefore, I do not provide document certification services.

What are characters with spaces?

A character or space is in fact each touch of the keyboard. That is, each letter, number, space, comma, or colon is one character. “1?Anna @2” – is 9 characters with spaces.

Can the translation be collected by someone on my behalf?

Yes, of course. When placing your order, please indicate in writing the persons authorized to collect the original documents and the translation.

How much does it cost to translate one page?

Clients asking this question usually have in mind an A4 physical page of a document. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. Each sworn translator treats the word PAGE as 1,125 characters, which they have translated. This is approximately 11 lines of text. There can be between 1 and 8 billing pages on a single physical A4 page of a document. That is why I always need a scan to give a quote for a document.

What is a translation billing page?

One page of a certified translation is each 1,125 characters with spaces started during the translation process. In practice, this is approximately 11 lines of text.