2023 » Sworn translator of English Maciej Wróblewski 

English Sworn Translator Warsaw – Maciej Wróblewski

Warsaw City Centre – Marszałkowska

Visit my translation agency MIW Marszałkowska located in the Warsaw City Centre. I hope that you will find my offer for cost-effective certified translations and express translations to your satisfaction – Maciej Wróblewski, English sworn translator Warsaw.

2023 » English Sworn Translator Warsaw, Maciej Wróblewski

Sworn Translator of English since 2014

Sworn Translator of English since 2014. I specialise in certified translations.

A sworn translator is a public trust professional. Therefore, the quality of my translations is based on exacting standards and continuous improvement of professional skills. I believe that knowledge of English is only an addition to substantive knowledge, which should be constantly expanded.

I have been translating since 2009. At first it was just my hobby. In time, I left my corporate career to devote myself entirely to perfecting the art of translation. As a result of several years of study and practice, I received a sworn translator’s licence.

Today, I use my experience gained while working in international companies, in my profession. Five years of exposure to components of industrial installations allows me to feel comfortable with technical translations. I specialize in, among others, translating machine and equipment instruction manuals from English.

I always find time for express translations.

Since 2019, I have been studying computer science, which gives me even more opportunities when it comes to the range of technical translations I can offer. Studying at the Warsaw School of Economics has given me insight into economic issues. I gained equally interesting competencies during postgraduate studies at the University of Warsaw. Here I learned the ins and outs of legal translations.

Thanks to the experience I gained and the knowledge I acquired; in July 2014, I was entered in the list of sworn translators of the Ministry of Justice. At that time, I received a round official stamp from the Minister of Justice. Since then, apart from technical translations, I have been providing express translations of documents from Polish into English and from English into Polish.


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My skills in sworn translations in finance are based on completing a full-time, master’s degree at The Warsaw School of Economics, where I learned financial, commercial, and economic English vocabulary.




A corporate position in the engineering industry and 5 years’ worth of experience in translating machine and equipment instruction manuals from English.




My preparations for doing legal sworn translations included completing the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies in Translation and Interpreting (IPSKT) at the University of Warsaw. Thanks to my studies, I passed the sworn translator examination in legal vocabulary in 2014.



I feel confident in software translations thanks to attending studies in Engineering at the Faculty of Computer Science at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw.

2019 – present



Years of practice give me comfort during consecutive interpreting at business meetings. Court interpreting, as well as interpreting for the prosecution and the Police is my daily bread.



Every standard translation I do is proofread by a native speaker of English for text localisation purposes. Depending on the client’s target market, I cooperate with proofreaders from the US, Canada, and the UK.



I have been a sworn translator of English since 2014. During this time, I have translated thousands of documents. Sworn specialised translations are my strong suit.



I have gained my experience by attending numerous meetings where online interpreting was required in courts and at various corporate meetings.

2023 » Cost-effective sworn translations into English MIW Marszalkowska Warsaw

Cost-Effective Sworn Translations into English

Cost-effective sworn translations into English, is a recurring special offer. I announce it every few months on my website under the cost-effective English translations tab. I have decided to offer my clients discounted prices on English translations of documents, which are most frequently translated in a given period.

Usually, it is related to the season. For example, the demand for interpreting at weddings at the Registry Office is greater during the summer holidays. The increased volume of a particular type of translation is typically due to the need to do the translation at a particular time.

For instance, clients must meet a given deadline for filing their financial statements. Therefore, in order to sweeten the necessary expense for the clients, the special offer usually covers the documents which must be translated into English at a given time.

However, I reserve a certain amount of freedom in choosing the type of texts covered by the special offer. In some cases, it may also apply to interpreting.

Price List

One billing page of a sworn translation from PLN 40 to PLN 45 net
One billing page of a standard translation The most attractive billing unit in the market – 1,800 characters with spaces

Express Translations

Warsaw City Centre – Marszałkowska

The price for express translations from English into Polish and from Polish into English is quoted momentarily. Just send a scan of the document by email. Then I translate the documents and you are invited to the office only once: when you collect the documents, to show the originals.

  1. Express translations of documents from/into English
  2. Documents can be sent by e-mail
  3. Collect your translation at Marszałkowska: Warsaw City Centre
  4. Sworn Translations (certified, official):
  • official document translations
  • certificate of clean criminal record
  • permanent residence registration certificate
  • certificate of no impediments (to marriage)
  • V5C registration certificate
  • notarial deeds
  • maturity certificate / matura / high school diploma
  • school certificates / report cards
  • contracts / agreements
  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate / marriage licence
  • death certificate
  • university diploma
  • diploma supplement / academic transcript
  • driving licence
  • apostille etc.
  • interpreting services
  • noratial deeds interpretation
2023 » express English translation Warsaw

Translation Certified as True Copy of the Original

In order for me to use the formula “certified true copy of the original document“, I have to see the original. Often there are security features on it, such as water marks, dry seals, or raised seals. These features are only visible on the original document. You don’t have to visit my office twice: please present the original when collecting the translation.

Translations of official documents should be certified as true copies. Such certification is required by some authorities. The alternative is translation: from a copy, from a scan, from an electronic document. This is a particularly important issue when performing express translations.

Online Visits | Warsaw City Centre

For all those who would like to stay at home and have their translation certified as true copies of the original, I offer contactless service – online visits. For the price of 50 PLN net: we will collect from you the document to be translated by courier and we will send it together with the finished translation to the address which you indicate.

My sworn translator’s office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and during these hours I invite you to the centre of Warsaw (Srodmiescie). There is no need to make an appointment in advance for a specific time. You will be served, with the highest standards of safety.


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Apostilles and Legalisation of Documents

You may find that translation alone is not enough. The implication is that a foreign institution may require proving the document’s authenticity. As a result, additional work needs to be done. Sometimes such institutions require additional certification on the document, or on the translation itself.

This certification is referred to as legalisation or apostille. Translations of official documents should be certified as conforming to the original documents. Such certification is required by some authorities. The alternative is translation: from a copy, from a scan, from an electronic document.

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2023 » English translator Warszawa City Centre Marszałkowska 

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