Translation in Court: Pre-Nuptial Interview with a Foreigner

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  1. Place: District Court for Warszawa Praga-Południe in Warsaw, ul. Terespolska 15A, Room 24 – interpreting in court 2.
  2. Interpreter: Maciej Wróblewski – sworn translator online
  3. Nationality of the Client: Indian
  4. Official languagesof the Client: Hindi and English
  5. Service: pre-nuptial interview with a foreigner
  6. Planned interpretingtime: 1h
  7. Interpreting time: the interview did not take place, as I found out on the spot
  8. Price: interpretationordered in thestandard mode

I would have performed a sworn translation in court today had it not been cancelled. In the work of a sworn English translator, it sometimes happens that things have to be rescheduled at the last minute. The reasons can be many and varied:

  • starting with the failure of one of the parties to appear,
  • ending with formal deficiencies in documents
  • or lack of an ID.

Probably every sworn English translatorhas encountered such situations.

Today, after arriving outside the courtroom, to my disappointment and that of the parties to the proceedings, I discovered that a note stating that the hearing had been cancelled due to the absence of the judge was displayed next to the docket. I further ascertained from the clerk’s office that this was indeed not a mistake. The English interpretingwas supposed to concern the waiver of the obligation to present a certificate of no impediment to marriage.


Maciej Wróblewski

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